"Equipping Families is my Purpose" - Tiffany Renee

Tiffany Renee’ (The BillionHeir Boss Chick), is an Ordained Minister, Certified Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Best- Selling Author. Founder of the Wealthy Women Dine Project Tiffany has been giving the charge to help Christian Women build Businesses and Create Wealth for the Kingdom of God.   A leader who is committed to help others break barriers and hindering beliefs so that they may reach and function at their full potential.

Tiffany Renee’ has over 15 years of educating, training, equipping and leadership experience. She  has owned and operated several businesses all before the age of 30. Tiffany has studied and trained with some of the world’s Top multi- millionaires.\

Through her teachings and training  she shares the knowledge and techniques she has experienced that has helped others as well as herself reach high levels of success. “There are certain principles and laws in life that are not taught in schools, not groomed in homes and often times overlooked in churches, that will revolutionize your life, set you free and allow you to be who you were created to be.”-Tiffany Renee’